Evacuation Diagram Mandatory for all Australian Workplaces

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The evacuation diagram is a mandatory legal requirement for all Australian workplaces. The diagram must be displayed in a conspicuous place and be available to employees, visitors and contractors.

The diagram must show the floor plan of your premises, with each room clearly identified. It is important that you display this on an easily readable surface such as whiteboard or chart paper.

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The diagram must also include the exit routes from each room and the means of escape should there be any fire or smoke alarm activation.

An evacuation diagram is a visual representation of the safe way for employees to leave a room or building in the event of an emergency. It also shows how fire exits and exits from each floor are connected and can be used to evacuate safely. The diagram should be displayed on a permanent surface at all times, such as the wall or ceiling of a break room, office or meeting room.

A Fire Evacuation Diagram is a plan that shows which areas of a building are safe to occupy in the event of a fire. It also shows how fire exits and exit stairs are connected so that employees can safely evacuate a building. The map should be displayed on a permanent surface in the break room, office or meeting room.

As a safety measure, every workplace should have an evacuation diagram displayed near the front door or exit. It’s important that this information is never stored electronically, only on paper, as computer screens are easily damaged or hacked.

The Evac Diagram is the cornerstone of planning for a workplace evacuation. By law, all workplaces must have an Evac Diagram and supporting details contained in the workplaces’ Fire Safety Plan. The Evac Diagram is used to clearly display all fire exits, stairwells and rooms that staff may need to exit in times of a fire.

Evacuation plans are designed to help guide people to safety during an emergency escape. The exact format is up to the employer, but each plan must include details as to when and where staff will assemble, as well as who will be evacuating. An evacuation plan is a legally required document in Australia.

While this new ruling is intended to be a positive change, it inevitably creates a more complex environment for businesses. The structure of workplaces can range widely, so the creation of one-size-fits-all rules may not be practical or effective. If a business isn’t able to meet the needs of their employees and create an Effective Evacuation Plan, they could certainly face liability in cases of injury or death.

Evacuation maps might not seem like much on the surface, but they can actually be quite helpful in not only keeping workers safe during an evacuation, but also in changing evacuation behavior. Having employees become familiar with their evacuation maps before it’s needed can help keep them and others safe during a fire—just make sure to keep it up-to-date!

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